Sunday, April 29, 2012

"All Time Low" cake

My Morgan asked me if I would make a cake for her classmates 16th birthday party.  The party girl wanted a cake with her favorite band "All Time Low" as the theme so this is what I came up with...

My little figures all seem to start out as heads ..... these little guys are going to be the band members :)

And then I add the bodies. 

I know they aren't really realistic but I do try to add some of the characteristics of the person...

I should mention that I am NOT a sculpter!

And then I added some hair

They have to sit and harden so I make them a few days in advance.

The cake was pound cake with MMF
I hand painted the top layer, which actually looked really neat and I sprinkled on some black disco dust to add some sparkle.
I also hand painted on the All Time Low logo....nerve wracking (because what if I messed up!!!) but it turned out well.

The birthday girl loved her cake and I realized how much I've missed this hobby :)

Thanks for looking

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Another semester of school (for me) winding down but the summer session begins soon so I just wanted to share some of our recent adventures, and my pictures, with you.

I have been so busy we really haven't done much but I've tried to make myself take pictures because its a creative outlet for me....

We went to the State park recently and the boys played on the playground and the swings and even in the water.  They had a blast and I forced myself to just breath and enjoy their enjoyment.

And then yesterday we went to the near by Six Flags.  The kids had a blast there too.

 As you can see they had a blast and even displayed their talents at drama. 

Thanks for looking.

Big Smile :)