Saturday, January 15, 2011

Past Creations

Just wanted to share with you some of my past cakes, cookies and brownies

This was one of my earlier cakes.  I made this Scooby cake for Gabe's 2nd birthday.....
Scooby is hand drawn and the Scooby Snack border are graham cracker treats that I purchased.

This Spoongebob Cake was for my nephews birthday(s)  Spongebob is frozen buttercream icing transfer.  Pretty easy to do and turns out great!!

Warning to cake is a bit gross but it was for a "Gross Party" for my Drew's 9th birthday!  He loved it but there was some gagging going on that day!!
Oh I baked the cake in a glass Pampered Chef Measuring bowl (the big one) and then covered it with chocolate buttercream icing......also have some caramel chunks for, well you get the picture.

These brownies were made for my Aunts 50th birthday party...she loves butterflies.
The tops are decorating with chocolate transfer sheets.
Shapes cut out with cookie cutters...

Love my Frankie cookies.  Sugar cookie with royal icing.....

I can't remember if I have already shared this but this Cookie Monster cake was so easy to decorate. The pound cake is covered with marshmallow fondant and the border is made using soft or chewy Chips Ahoy  cookies....I loved the result!!

This next cake was made for a friends Grandmother Shower.  She has listened to many stories of my boys drawing on walls and just, well...doing what boys do!  So I incorporated some of these stories onto the cake....she was expecting a grandson! 

Thanks for looking.  Hope you enjoyed my display of work.  Looking back I can see how I have progressed with my decorating skills.....

Have a wonderful day!