Thursday, August 30, 2012

Long Long Ago....

.....I started this blog.... Well, not that long ago but it has been a long time since I have posted anything.

I have been very busy with school, work and kids so I have been neglectful...

Also  I have been toying with the idea of changing the name of my blog....when I get time. :)

During the summer we visited a few more battlefields and I wanted to share the pictures with you.

 This is part of the Chickamagua battlefield in Georgia.  It had rained and rained all day but the rain stopped in time for us to tour this beautiful battlefield. 
The battle of Chickamagua, if I remember correctly, occurred after the Union army occupied Chattanooga, TN.  The Confederate army turned and was determined to take Chattanooga back and the two armies met here, at Chickamagua. 

I know this is a very simplistic explanation and I apologize.  For more information on the battle that occurred at Chickamagua check out this link.

The above photograph shows the Brotherton cabin.  The most memorable story (for me) about this area is that many of the families had to flee the area and hide in the woods.  These civilians were without shelter and food and a young daughter of the Brotherton family returned to the battlefield to get milk from the family cow.  After milking the cow, she distributed the milk to the wounded soldiers of both armies instead of taking it back to the civilians. 


We also had the privilege of seeing a lot of deer on our tour of the battlefield.  This deer decided to pop a squat and I could not resist taking a picture.....I mean really, how many opportunities to take a photograph like this does one have?????

Well, I will wrap it up and show more pictures another day....hopefully not 6 months from now

Thanks for looking

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trash The Dress

Just wanted to share a few photos of a Trash The Dress session I did with my daughter and some of her friends.

The "trash the dress" concept is basically (as I understand) dress up in formal wear and do things you wouldn't dare do normally....

Like play at a waterfall....

Or climb on rocks...

or walk barefooted...

And you would never wade in a river in a formal dress...

But these girls did all of that and we had a blast!!

Thanks for looking!!

Bronwyn :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

"All Time Low" cake

My Morgan asked me if I would make a cake for her classmates 16th birthday party.  The party girl wanted a cake with her favorite band "All Time Low" as the theme so this is what I came up with...

My little figures all seem to start out as heads ..... these little guys are going to be the band members :)

And then I add the bodies. 

I know they aren't really realistic but I do try to add some of the characteristics of the person...

I should mention that I am NOT a sculpter!

And then I added some hair

They have to sit and harden so I make them a few days in advance.

The cake was pound cake with MMF
I hand painted the top layer, which actually looked really neat and I sprinkled on some black disco dust to add some sparkle.
I also hand painted on the All Time Low logo....nerve wracking (because what if I messed up!!!) but it turned out well.

The birthday girl loved her cake and I realized how much I've missed this hobby :)

Thanks for looking

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Another semester of school (for me) winding down but the summer session begins soon so I just wanted to share some of our recent adventures, and my pictures, with you.

I have been so busy we really haven't done much but I've tried to make myself take pictures because its a creative outlet for me....

We went to the State park recently and the boys played on the playground and the swings and even in the water.  They had a blast and I forced myself to just breath and enjoy their enjoyment.

And then yesterday we went to the near by Six Flags.  The kids had a blast there too.

 As you can see they had a blast and even displayed their talents at drama. 

Thanks for looking.

Big Smile :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chair CPR

My friend had these old metal chairs sitting in the yard of her hair salon....they sat there through the sun, rain, snow and ice for who knows how many years.

I would see these chairs and think....they could be fixed...they could be brought back to life!!

But I kept walking past them

Finally, one day, I said to my friend, I would love to fix your chairs....and she told me I could have them. (I would have been happy just to fix them for her but OK!!!)

So I brought them home and put them in my shed...where they sat for about a year.

The other day I decided to pull the chairs out of the shed and sand them down....

Here is the before shot of one of the chairs....

And so I sanded....and sanded....and sanded....and I removed most of the old paint and rust but couldn't get the chairs completely smooth so I said what the heck...this is good enought (plus my hands were begging for mercy!!)

So I painted them with primer and white rustoleum....

And then I went to the craft store and got some light and dark blue paint and painted a design on the chairs and sprayed them with a top coat of clear Rustoleum..

And Voila!!  Here are the finished chairs!!

Now all I need is a little table :)

Thanks for looking and have a fabulous weekend!!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello again

It sure has been a while since I posted anything and I am sorry about that.  This little blog is one of my creative outlets that have been neglected as of late because of my other priorities.  Another one of my creative outlets, as you may know, is photography.  I was able to do a night time shoot (my husbands suggestion....Thank YOU Casey) of the Inner Harbor at Baltimore from the top of Federal Hill.

I had so much fun using my tripod and playing with the shutter speeds and zooming in and out during the shot.....

anyway, I just wanted to share with you a few of my favorites from that night....

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!
Smiles :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oreo Cookie Pop Bouquet

I have seen some pics of Oreo cookie pops and thought...."Hey, that looks easy!!"
and what a great idea to make a bouquet of these cookie pops for my friend Joni, since the kids ate all of her cupcakes :)

In the process of making the cookie pops I learned some valuable lessons.....

Lesson #1....if you want to make something, do a little research on what worked for others

(had to disassemble cookie to put stick in....dipped stick in melted chocolate)

Lesson #2....if I had done the researching I may have found out that double stuffed Oreos are probably easier to make pops with.

(let the chocolate inside harden before you dip the cookie)

Lesson #3....when trying to reassemble the cookie....don't use any pressure or you will crack the cookie...
(again, I wouldn't have had to disassemble the cookie if I'd done my research!)

(I used a foam block to stand my pops up until the chocolate dried)

Lesson#4....have kids handy to eat broken cookies

Lesson #5....Good friends don't care if your project didn't turn out perfectly!!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Joni :)

And remember guys, try double stuffed Oreos, or see what has worked for others because I still haven't done my research :)