Thursday, May 12, 2011

Making Soap

I saw this article in Martha Stewarts Living Magazine about making soap.  They looked so pretty and easy to make so I tried to make some as well.  Here is a short account of my efforts...

First you buy some soap base, I got one big brick of glycerin soap and another of something with aloe in it....sorry I can't remember the name.  I bought these at AC Moore (craft store) for roughly $10 each. 

Then I took some oranges and grated the zest off into a bowl.  I did the same with a couple of lemons.

Melt the soap base according to directions...

And stir in your zest  or fruit or herbs.
Pour the melted mixture into old yogurt containers or bottoms of cartons (the options are endless) that have been sprayed with cooking spray....  

Here is the orange soap finished  I also cut a strip of the orange peel to try to make a decorative swirl inside the soap.

For this I pureed some blueberries and added them to the soap base along with the lemon zest....I thought lemon blueberry would be nice. 

See how pretty when held to the light.

I did the same with some strawberries and added orange zest to that mix.

Anyway, now I have all of this soap!!!!

I'm thinking teacher gifts :)

For complete directions and other great ideas check out Marthas webpage!!

Thanks for looking

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh I love it!!!! Lemon please. : ) I think that they will make great teacher gifts.