Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gabe's first T-ball Game

Gabe had his first T-ball game yesterday!!  Initially he was very unhappy because his team is named the White Sox and his lifetime dream is to play for the Orioles!

Gabe is #3
 Yesterday was a beautiful day and the kids had lots of fun trying to learn the game of baseball.

Initially Gabe played second base.....

He danced around a little bit and twirled some but at least he wasn't picking flowers in the outfield....probably because there were none....

Then he played infield....

He did well here, but there was too much competition for the ball....all 10 players run towards the can imagine the confusion.

Finally he played first base. He seemed to excel here although he would run up (close to where a pitcher would be....leaving his base unattended....) to get the ball.  A few times he was able to get the ball and run the batter down and tag him out.   I was a proud mama.

He also had some time at bat and was only tagged out once....which is saying something because the other team had a little girl who was killing our team.  She was a very good little player and would get the ball quickly and usually tagged out our players before they made it to first base.  I was wishing they would give us a break and put her on third base or something but they kept her in the in field...dang...

All of the kids seemed to have a lot of fun and that's whats important. 

Thanks for looking.

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  1. that is so cute. I would want to play on a team called the orioles too!!!
    I am making Oriole cupcakes this weekend ~

    Great pictures.