Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oreo Cookie Pop Bouquet

I have seen some pics of Oreo cookie pops and thought...."Hey, that looks easy!!"
and what a great idea to make a bouquet of these cookie pops for my friend Joni, since the kids ate all of her cupcakes :)

In the process of making the cookie pops I learned some valuable lessons.....

Lesson #1....if you want to make something, do a little research on what worked for others

(had to disassemble cookie to put stick in....dipped stick in melted chocolate)

Lesson #2....if I had done the researching I may have found out that double stuffed Oreos are probably easier to make pops with.

(let the chocolate inside harden before you dip the cookie)

Lesson #3....when trying to reassemble the cookie....don't use any pressure or you will crack the cookie...
(again, I wouldn't have had to disassemble the cookie if I'd done my research!)

(I used a foam block to stand my pops up until the chocolate dried)

Lesson#4....have kids handy to eat broken cookies

Lesson #5....Good friends don't care if your project didn't turn out perfectly!!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Joni :)

And remember guys, try double stuffed Oreos, or see what has worked for others because I still haven't done my research :)

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