Friday, February 18, 2011

Cookies Favors

These cookies were made for a  little guy named Aiden's Christening.

I made a butter cookies and cut them in the shape of a cross.

Here they are fresh out of the oven.

After they cooled I made some Royal Icing and using a moderately thick consistency, piped an edge around the cookies.  Then I filled in the outlined area with a thinner consistency icing.

I had to make more icing by this point and made it a little thicker.  I added little dots all around the edge of the cookies.

Then I added some little blue marshmallow fondant flowers with a little nonpareils in the center of each.  I always try to give props to those who inspire my creations and this design is not mine....when I tried to find the person/business who made cookies like these I was unable to find them.  Sorry.  If this is your design, thank you!

I placed each cookie in a treat bag....

and then tied each with a pretty blue bow!  

All of this was done by the way while fighting off 4 cookie and icing hungry kids.....

Thanks for looking!!

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