Tuesday, February 1, 2011


OK so I already told you guys that I have been checking out vendors for photographers.  During this time I have been seeing lots of cute pics of babies with really cute hats!!
Now when I was younger my Gammy taught me how to crochet (and quilt and sew).  But I haven't done anything in so very long, I wasn't sure if I would remember how to crochet.....

So I decided I would try to crochet a hat.....I have done doilies and such but never anything wearable.  The pattern is called The Rosalie Cap by Amy Velho.....

The pattern is free on her website so check it out if you like it.... here's the link http://amy-caroline.blogspot.com/2010/06/knit-together-designs-rosalie-cap.html

Anyway this is my first hat.  And crocheting is just like riding a bike....I remembered how to crochet!!  Any stitches I had trouble remembering I looked up on the internet....modern technology is wonderful!!

Back to the hat now.....(sorry)   It said on the pattern that it would fit 2-4T so I tried it on my little niece Livilou...

Its a little big on her.....

And I now have to secure the rose better because Liv decided to pull on it....

It did fit my son Drew's head (he is such a sport!)...this is Drew and my nephew Daniel being silly.

Here's my baby in his hat of choice....much more macho don't ya think?  I did not make his hat however....I think it's a bit above my skill level.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my first wearable project....hoping to do a monkey or bear hat next :)

Have a great day and hope you all stay safe and warm!


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