Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hats Hats Everywhere!!

I have been addicted to making these adorable hats!

The pattern is from BusyMomDesigns (link to her Etsy shop)

The cute little Monkey hat....I just love this hat!!

I made a newborn size which is adorable.....
And then my kids started putting in orders for me.

Drew picked out this yarn but the 4-12 pattern was too small for him.....gonna have to play with the pattern to try to make it bigger....
Anyway Gabe inherited the hat that would have been Drews

He wore it all day today!
In the movies theater and in Michaels (had to get more yarn) :)

Everywhere he went he told people...."My mom made my hat!!"

I made this one for Livilou.....

Didn't put the ears on but it could have ears too......

Since Liv wasn't around, Gabe modeled this hat for me too....

He is a trooper....

The size fits 1-3 years!
I'm having fun with color combinations.....what colors do you think would look good together??

Thanks for looking!

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