Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just a bit of nonsense

So much has been going on lately that I haven't had time to do much worthy of posting.  I am not a great cook (even when I have the desire) so I can't post pictures or recipes of the wonderful cuisine I've made.  I guess I could have taken a picture of tonight's dinner....just to give you an understanding of how dinner around here goes.  Let's just put it this way, the pizza place KNOWS us!!!  A little sad and scary but too true.  They treat us well and the pizza is yummy!

So I was looking through my pictures and found some of my babies a few years ago.  They have changed so much in just these few short years. 

The pictures I want to share are ones demonstrating a sisters desire, especially an older sister, to have fun at the expense of her younger brothers.

I will just let the picture speak for itself....

MY BABY BOY!!!  And he just knows he looks pretty! :)

And here is Jake in what I think is a Hanna Montana wig.  I have many more pictures that would demonstrate her cruelty...but alas, I can't find them right now.

I came home once and Drew was all dressed up with my lipstick on.  He thought it was fun until I told him the lipstick was long lasting wear!  HAHAHA

Anyway, here is one of him goofing off.

And because she is goofy and has tortured her brothers mercilessly....


Thanks for looking at my silly kids.  They make me smile (most of the time)

Have a wonderful evening!!


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  1. Silly kids = happy kids. So wonderful. Thanks for sharing Bronwyn!