Sunday, March 6, 2011

Morgan in Charge

Morgan was helping me with the boys the other day.
When I came home, my camera was out of its bag.  When I looked at the pics I saw a short photo shoot of her brothers.

 It looks like she gave them baths....(thanks Morgan)

 ...made them pose for pictures.....

did their hair....

and made them pose for more pictures!

My Jake with a mohawk!!  He looked cute but it is so not his style!

And Gabe looking so serious....I think he was thinking...."Please mom come back soon so she will stop making us pose for pictures!!

She even took a pic of Sonic, which I am sure Jake asked her to take.

  She is a blessing to me!  And not too bad behind the lens either...I just did a small amount of post processing.
  Hope you all had a great weekend....I did in between washing laundry and dishes and then more laundry :)
Thanks for looking!
Bronwyn (AKA  she with pruny hands)

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