Saturday, April 23, 2011

National Zoo in DC

I absolutely love going to the zoo in DC!!  The layout is beautiful, the animals are stunning and admission is FREE!!  You do however have to pay for parking (20 bucks for entire day)  but for a family of 6 that's not bad!
We usually just get the membership and then the parking is included so free trip (except for gas $$$)

And, since I can't stand the thought of spending $4 bucks for a hot dog, I pack us all a lunch!!!

We went just this past Wednesday and had a wonderful time, even though it was a scorcher of a day.  Here are a few pics from our trip.....

This was neat to see....the pride all together like this.  It was truly amazing!

She is absolutely majestic!!

Proud papa and his cubs!

Just some random flowers but they sure are purty!

I thought this was elephant sculpture made with twigs or vines.....very cool.

Right after this picture was taken, the Zebra made some loud noises and rolled around on the ground....I guess that's just what they do???? 

Oh a REAL elephant!!!  The elephant exhibit is new and very cool!
This is the mysterious Gabe-atron....he's like a gremlin...looks cute UNTIL..........
And the adorable do need to watch out soon as you appear intrigued he will spit out random sports statistics.....quite scary!

The Jake-ster.....he's pretty cute and's his little blue friend you need to watch out for!

And Morgana Lafaye.....she is the evil witch sister of King Arthur.....very dangerous!!

This is Michaela....(Morgan and Drew's little sister.....)  pretty as a princess and no alias right now....being nice since she was our guest for the trip :)
And some turtles :)  Can't forget the turtles....
Well the Gremlin.....oh, I mean Gabe is bugging me for ice cream so (since I want some too...) gotta go!

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


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