Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boston....Day 1

My hubby has a dream job...he gets to travel with the Orioles and produces the radio show for the games broadcast!  Occasionally....meaning not often, we get to meet him in a city and stay with him and explore the city.  Last year we met him in Texas!  This year we went to Boston!!!  (We just got home today.....)

We left early Friday morning and arrived in Boston a little after 9am....yes I drove....yes with the 4 kids....yes I left at 2am! 
Here are my sleepy heads before leaving.....

Well,,,one of them was sleeping!!!
We arrived in Boston safely and even though it threatened to rain that day we explored the city and (thankfully) stayed dry.

We first went to The Commons....very briefly this is a park area that used to be a common grazing area for the local inhabitants animals back in the good ole days....

It was a beautiful area with gardens....

and statues....

and a graveyard!

Well, after all the traveling and walking the kids were hungry so we went to Cheers one knew my name but the food was delicious!!! 
Have to show you this....Casey got a Norm Burger....

IT WAS HUGE!!!!!!!!  And...HE ATE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!

Then we walked part of the Freedom Trail, had to cut it short because Casey had to go to work.
Here are a few pics of our walk on the trail.

State House

Park Street Church

Old State House ....on the other side of this building is the site of the Boston Massacre

The only thing we didn't see was a Dunkin Donuts!!!!  (kidding, in case you haven't been there, there's a Dunkin Donuts on almost every corner)

Well, we had a busy day and then went to the baseball game....I'll post about that later. 

Thanks for looking!!


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