Sunday, July 24, 2011

Manasas VA...The Battle of Bull Run

On my birthday in June I took my two youngest (you can almost hear my oldest two cheer because they escaped the adventure) to the Manasas Battle Field.  The confederate (I think I'm getting this right but please correct me if I'm wrong...) army named the battle fields after nearby waterways.....and the Union referred to the battle according to the nearest town.
Well, so as to not bore you to death I will just share some pics of the day.  We had fun even though as you can imagine my kids all scream "NO!!!" when I say who wants to see a battlefield. 

Stonewall Jackson

Thanks for looking...

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  1. My family was decimated during the civil war...relatives still discuss it. The civil war was the most heinous event in our country's history. We should never forget it.