Monday, September 19, 2011

Football Theme Birthday Cake

My Drew turned 12 last Friday and since he loves football, I thought this cake would be great.  I was inspired by cakes seen on

If you ever want to spend hours just looking at cakes and getting tips from others, check it out!!

Anyway, I the cake I made was inspired by two seperate cakes, I just used the components I liked.

Here was my timeline (in case you are wondering How long does it take to make one of these cakes!)

On Friday I made 2 batches of marshmallow fondant. (took about an hour....give or take....more time is spent on the clean up process)

On Saturday I baked the cakes...

On Sunday I made the buttercream icing ad coated the cakes with the crumb layer and then added the fondant.
The whole process took me about 4 brown didn't cooperate the first time around and I had to scrap and restart.

I covered the bottom cake with green and the top with brown fondant.

Then I cut strips of white fondant for the field markers and the laces on the football.

I wrote the numbers and Happy BDay message with buttercream.  I will claim that I was running late to my sons bday party and thats why I left the "D" out of Happy Birthday Drew......

Well, thanks for looking and enjoy this splendid fall weather.


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