Thursday, September 22, 2011

Milky Way Cake

A few months ago Pioneer Woman had a recipe on her blog featuring a "Milky Way Cake"
The cake she made looked REALLY gooey and yummy

A friend of mine used to make a cake by the same name but hers was a Bundt Cake....and DEEElicious!!!
I wanted to try to make it similar to how I had eaten it before so instead of using Pioneer Woman's recipe, I searched for another.  (Sorry PW....)  But if you would like to make both and do a taste all means then check out Pioneer Woman's website

I found a cake recipe that looked fairly easy on and tweaked the icing with one I found on 

So first you start with your milky way bars....

And melt them in a pot with some butter....sounds yummy already and smells good too!

Then separate your eggs....yolk in one bowl, whites in another...
Mix the yolks with some buttermilk and baking soda
And in another bowl place the flour and salt

By now there are bowls EVERYWHERE!!

And don't forget to keep mixing your melting yummy candy bar mixture (I kept my heat on medium low so I wouldn't burn it)
When that's melted to perfection turn off the heat and add your sugar and mix

The egg whites need to be beaten with a mixer until "stiff but not dry".  I think I did this right.  Have never beaten my egg whites like this but it was pretty neat to watch as they went from runny to fluffy to airy....

OK.... back to the melty mix.  Add your buttermilk mixture and your flour mixture in 3rds....and mix well....
I just mixed with a spoon...turned out great.

Then fold in your egg whites.  Mix with spoon until it looks uniform.

Then pour into a prepared pan (greased and floured)

And place in a preheated oven (325 degrees) for 1 hr 15 minutes....I only baked mine for an hour.  I guess my pan was thin and it cooked faster....just keep an eye on your cake when time gets somewhat close and judge "doneness" for yourself....I do the fork test.

Isn't that pretty....

I let the cake cool for a while but it was probably a tad bit warm still when I made and drizzled the icing on top..

For the icing I used some semisweet chocolate morsels, butter, corn syrup and vanilla....all melted and drizzled on top.

YUM!!!!  It certainly was a big hit with everyone!

Cake Recipe from
Again, the last 2 ingredients on this recipe are for the "icing" and I omitted that step because I didn't want a hard shell.

Icing recipe from
This as tasty.....

Hope you enjoy and if you do the taste test be sure to let me know which way is best.


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  1. my gosh.. my diet is going in the toilet! This cake looks fantastic.
    Have a great weekend