Thursday, February 9, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I have been busy studying..and studying.... and studying....but yesterday when I took a break from studying I decided to try a new recipe.  My original plan was to take a few of these cupcakes to my good friend Joni because I know she loves red velvet cake....and because her birthday was last month and I haven't given her anything special for her special day yet...

note to Joni....they didn't last long enough....I'm so sorry....I will make it up to you :)

Both of the recipes for the cake and the icing were found on love this site by the can get tons of great ideas!

You take some butter and sugar and vanilla and eggs and mix it all together and that sounds yummy already....oh and add the sour cream too....

Then add the red food coloring....I added about half of the bottle...I guess I should have added more but was a little worried about adding that much extra liquid...

I added the milk and the flour/cocoa and baking soda alternately

And then I put some of the batter into cupcake tins and some into an 8x8 inch cake pan....I think this recipe will make about 48 cupcakes because I made 24 cupcakes plus the little cake.

And then when the cupcakes were cool I whipped up some cream cheese icing.... YUM

And the kids came running :)

Here are the links for the recipes.....enjoy
Red Velvet Recipe

Decorator Cream Cheese Icing


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