Thursday, June 23, 2011

Antietam Battlefield

So the day after exploring and camping in Harpers Ferry we stopped at Antietam my iPhone map app by the way....without it I don't think we would have found Antietam let alone home!

The day was a little overcast at first but it was perfect for exploring...and there weren't many visitors as it was a weekday so great for scenery pictures....and it was a free fee day at the park so even better!  WooHoo...gotta LOVE FREE!!

We first explored the visitors center where they had a museum and a movie theater....

and a gift shop where Jake found this President Lincoln style hat an beard

I didn't have my handy dandy battlefield guide this day...(my brother) so I won't try to do any history stories but will just share with you some of the pictures I took..I applied textures to these pictures and some are a little heavy but I liked them...

Observation Tower at Bloody Lane Trail

Second snake sighting in 2 days!!

Thanks for looking!!!
I think I wore myself out because now I'm exhausted!!!
Happy Thursday and C'mon Weekend!!!


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  1. What fun!!! ( another place that I have not been to!) Have you ever visited Burketsville ~ My oldest made me take her there years ago after the Blair Witch movie. I was reluctant (scared) but I took her and what I found was a beautiful civil war town. There is nothing to do there but explore the old cemetary and sights ~ it is an old gorgeous town.
    Have a great week