Monday, June 6, 2011

Little League Day at Camden Yards

Yesterday was "Little League Day" at Camden Yards....the home of the Baltimore Orioles!!
There are so many kids playing little league that the had to do this day twice and have half of them on each day. 
The kids got to walk in a parade around the perimeter of the baseball field.  The parade leader was the Oriole Bird.....

Gabe was fairly visible because we could not find his baseball he was the only kid in the parade without a hat.....

and with his very blond hair....he was easy for Casey to spot from the radio booth.

The kids were able to slap hands with some of the players....

And some of the fans!!

After the parade, we went to visit Casey in the radio is a shot of Camden Yards from the booth....

I love going to the baseball game....I love singing "Take me out to the ballgame....take me out to the crowd!  Buy me some peanuts......well, you get the picture!
I also Love cheering and yelling "CHARGE" and doing the wave!!!!  And I try to pass all of this baseball fun on to my kids....but they were busy playing with electronics.

Gabe listening to Morgans iPod
 I was able to get Gabe to yell CHARGE....1 1/2 times.....

Morgan playing peek-a-boo.....We see you Morgan!!
And Morgan ....well she was interested in the game....but only to take 300 pictures of the players......And Drew was on my iPhone and the different times..... idea what he was doing.....wait!!  Could he actually be watching the Game!!?

Jake on the iPad.
As soon as the electronics batteries died, Jake was ready to leave....
And ME.....with Gabe. 
But we had a great time....and I was able to get them interested in the ballgame....for a few seconds at least!

Thanks for looking and hope you all have a fabulous day.....


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  1. What a cute family you have Bronwyn! We were watching the O's game the other night ... and did you know that the Athletics have a guy on thier team named Coco Crisp?!? LOL. Poor Paul couldnt hear the game over us girls laughing and giving all of the players cereal names. : )

    What part of the state do you live in? I am in Baltimore ~ on the outskirts of the city.
    Have a wonderful weekend