Sunday, June 19, 2011

Autism Speaks Triathlon

So last Sunday, exactly a week ago today, I participated in the Autism Speaks Triathlon in Poolesville, MD.
I had no idea where Poolesville was until I signed up to do this event but once I was there, I loved it!!  Beautifully rural and filled with wonderful people!

I thought I would just share with you the events of that morning....

Woke up at 4 am......that's right....I said 4 AM!!!  UGH....but I had the jitters so I didn't hit the snooze and went to the car (which I had packed the night before) and got started on my journey to Poolesville.

I arrived in Poolesville safely, although at one point I saw a flash of lights as I passed through a small still waiting for the speeding ticket to arrive.

I parked at the High School, rode my bike to the community pool and set up my transition area.  I then went over to the volunteers to get my race day packet with my timing chip etc. 

Transition Area
By now it was probably 6:15 so I decided...better go to the bathroom!

Then it was time to wait....and meet some of the other participants.  There was such a great community feel about the whole event.  Wonderful!!

At 7 ish we headed to the pool and people started the swim.....I was in the back of the line so ....went to the bathroom again....can never go enough when you're nervous!!

Then it was time for me to swim....I loved the swim!!  I would love to swim all day!!!  I would love to swim and not have to bike!!!!   Swim over....time for the bike....

Got to the transition area, put on my shorts....over wet legs and backside....took some time off of my transition I can tell you that!!!  Then socks, shoes and helmet and ready to go!!

The bike.....13.4 miles.....doesn't sound that bad.  Oh My!!!  All I can say is that I was saying "I think I can" like the little caboose who could and just kept going.....even though my legs were burning, my nether regions were in PAIN and the clean up crew was behind me!!  (seriously, nothing does your ego better than to hear cars idling behind you....hahaha).

But....I made it!!!  FINALLY!!  Back to the transition area!!  WOOHOOOO.  Oh wait, now I have to run!!???   I think I will be lucky to walk!!  And Sarah, a wonderful woman that I met earlier, was waiting for me to walk with so we hit the trail....walking! 

And finished the Triathlon....Last.  I have heard that if you can't be first, being last is just as good because people cheer really hard for you .....and it's true.  They even said "Way to go!! Sarah and Rachel (I still don't know who Rachel is!  Probably just easier to say than Bronwyn) Way to go ladies, you can do it.....come on because we can't leave until you finish!!"  It was very funny and said in fun and we laughed. 

Me after the finish....everyone got a medal!
I had an awesome time and it felt so good to finish this event and to raise money for such a good cause.  Thanks again to everyone who donated to the cause or just supported me along the way!!


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