Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, I am almost out of pictures of vacation to share!  One of our last days of vacation was spent at Jamestown. We had an awesome time that day...no whiny kids even though the temperature for the day was 102 degrees. 

I will let you in on a little secret....bribing WORKS!  I told them all...before they went outside and felt the heat....that the child who complained the least would get a special prize at the outlet stores.  And IT WORKED!!!!

The first place we visited in the Jamestown area was the very nice air conditioned visitors center and museum. 

We then visited the Jamestown Fort site "the heart of the first, permanent English settlement in North America"

They are doing an archaeological dig in this area and that was really neat to see...

We saw a statue representing Pocahontas....one of my kids (I won't reveal which one Morgan so you won't get teased) said..."So Pocahontas was real!?"  

We then went to see the glassblowing.  The men working the molten glass amazed me....It was, I repeat, 102 degrees that day....and even hotter near the glassblower ovens. 
The glass glob comes out of the oven at 2000 degrees!! 

 After they work on the glob and shape it into a cup or vase...

they put it in the cooling oven which is set at a cool 900 degrees.  This allows the glass to cool slowly so it doesn't shatter. 

 Pretty cool huh!?

After the glassblowing we went to the Jamestown Settlement area....via the air conditioned shuttle

 and into the air conditioned visitor center.  They have a huge museum here as well but we just walked through quickly.

We went to the Indian village and learned how to shape needles out of animal bones....

How to weave rope....

And how to pulverize corn into flour.

We also toured the ships in the harbor there

and walked through the English settlement area....by now we were going fast because the heat was getting to us.

If you would like more information on the Jamestown site click here.  It was a lot more kid friendly than the Colonial Williamsburg area and when we left each child got a special treat from the outlet stores.

Thanks for looking...we've had a busy summer but I can't believe that school starts soon!!! I'm not ready!


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