Monday, August 15, 2011

YUMMY!! Mexican Pasta Vegie Bake

I have signed up to participate in a Biggest Loser competition at work.....and I agreed to participate in the Baltimore Marathon as part of a relay team.  I used to run 3 miles a day in high school but now!!?? 
The shortest leg of the relay is a little over 5 miles...but that's also the hilliest!!  What was I thinking??  Thought it would be fun and it's sure to be memorable.

I went "running" yesterday and was able to do 1/4 mile without stopping......HA 

Well, everyone has to start somewhere.

I got off track a bit but because of the competition and my athlete in training status (hahaha) I have been looking through recipes....some I've had for a while but had never tried!

Like this yummy dish I made tonight.  It was SO good I wanted to share the recipe with all of my friends.

I originally got this recipe from the 3 fat chicks on a diet website.  I highly recommend you click the link, print the recipe and make this ASAP!!'s that good!!

Not a great photo but had to show you the cheesy topping
I used Natures Promise whole wheat rotini pasta added some cilantro....yum
salsa, corn, black beans and fat free cottage cheese
and then....low fat sharp cheddar cheese!!!  YUM
The recipe makes 8 servings at 300 calories each!!

I really hope my kids don't like it so I can have more leftovers :) the what Morgan and Gabe were doing while I was making dinner...

Yes, that is blue eye shadow all over his face!!

Not sure if he was an alien...a smurf or just plain silly!

Thanks for looking! 

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