Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Tale of 2 Cakes

This past week was a busy one.  I had 2 cakes to make, the Autism walk and Halloween.....not to mention school projects.....

The Walk for Autism was great and I will share pics of that next time......

OK so now to the cakes. 

Both cakes represent "firsts" for me.

My friend wanted a cake in the shape of a bottle of Henessey and a can of redbull (his favorite drink  mixture I think)
So I had to carve a cake.......never done that before.
I am sorry I have no pics of the hands were busy :)
But here is the finished product.......

(I have tried in vain to turn the pic the right way!!!  Sorry.....) 
It turned out ok I guess.....

Now to my second "first"....a Halloween Topsy-turvy cake!!!!!!

I've always liked the way topsy-turvy cakes look but never tried one before.....I was nervous....
But.....I love the way this turned out!
The cake was inspired by a lot of cakes on .....

Thanks for looking!
Happy Halloween!


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