Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Walk for Autism

This is my Jake.....

He was Batman here, come to save the day......
The outfit....completely his idea (my favorite part is the forks for ears!!)

When he was little he was late meeting his developmental milestones, including speech.
I remember saying, "he's my third child, if he's a little quiet then that's a blessing".......this people is called DENIAL!

He was examined by Infants and Toddlers, diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Delay, not otherwise specified...(PDD-NOS) and received services through them until he was 3.  (PDD-NOS by the way is part of the Autism Spectrum).   After he turned 3 he went to our zoned school,  Lansdowne Elementary and had an awesome teacher and speech therapist..... actually everyone there is pretty wonderful.

This year we decided to walk as a family in support of Autism

We raised some money as Team Jacob :)

and had a great time walking around the Ravens (M&T) Stadium and the Orioles (Camden Yards) Stadium.  The walk occurred the day before Halloween so the kids, and some adults (and dogs) dressed up.....

We had a great time for an awesome cause!

Thanks to all who supported Team Jacob!!!


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