Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rocking Reindeer

That is originally what I was going to title this little piece of artwork.

These hand prints were made by painting brown paint onto my sisters kids hands....
The messy hands were then pressed onto a piece of canvas that I had painted green (allowing to dry before adding hand prints)

Her youngest was 2 at the time and little ones hand prints can be hard to keep neat.
I found these wiggly eyes, pop-poms and craft paint at WalMart

I just loved that the wiggly eyes came in varying sizes AND they were self adhesive so no rummaging through drawers to find my craft glue!

Now the pom-poms were not self adhesive....SO....scavenger hunt time.  No glue in my craft drawer so went to Morgans room to investigate and lo and behold I found my hot glue gun! (which by the way had been left plugged in and therefore on)......I just want to pause here and sincerely thank God for watching over us and not letting us have a fire. 

So glue in hand, I glued on the noses and then painted on the mouths and the "Reindeer Rocks".......little tidbit here, my sisters families last name is Rocks....that's why I changed the wording.  Retrospectively I wish I had kept it as Rocking Reindeer.....has a much better ring don't you think.

This is a super easy project and the kids love helping to make the reindeer.  I've done something similar on a canvas bag and gave it to a family for Christmas!

Thanks for looking!


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