Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buzz and Woody...Flat Stanley Style

While I was looking at pics yesterday of summer vacation I had realized that Buzz and Woody had some awesome opportunities last summer.

They got to ride on a horse at Stockyard Station (this was on yesterdays post also but to document their adventures properly I had to place it here too...)
They were able to go to the Rangers vs. Orioles game in Texas where they got their butts signed (yep, you read that right...) by Orioles Brad Bergesen.....

And they finished their adventures at Dallas Stadium.....
Here they are on the tour, listening intently to the tour guide (Actually, I think they are napping)
Here they view the field in awe....Buzz thought it looked like a space ship and woody thought maybe they could have a rodeo here.....(I have the inside scoop)

They even got to run on the football was an amazing thing to witness let me tell you!

Woody finished the tour by posing in front of the Dallas Cowboy Star.....would call him a defector as we cheer for other teams but he is a cowboy after all.....

Well, thanks for looking at the Silly Adventures of Buzz and Woody! Ya'll come back now ya hear :)