Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gabe's 3rd Birthday Party

This birthday party happened 2 years ago but I wanted to share my ideas in case anyone else would like to try them too.

Gabe was in LOVE with the Wizard of Oz movie a few years ago...

He watched it whenever he could and when it was time for his 3rd birthday party he asked for a Wizard of Oz party.....

I colored my sidewalk yellow (or tried didn't turn out so well so I didn't include the picture but you get the idea)
I made this little sign......

Coming up to my front steps I stuffed some stripped stockings with cotton filling and attached some of my daughters old shoes, which I had spray painted red.

I made this sign to hang on the front door.....Just spray painted a blank plaque purchased at the craft store and then hand painted the lettering.  I think I glued the green ribbon onto the back with a hot glue gun.   Staples would work well too.

This is my favorite I think.......
I purchased this green rug from WalMart or Target and painted on the design.  (The design was inspired by a rug I saw online)

And here is the cake.....

This was only my second attempt at cake decorating with fondant....Its supposed to represent the witch flying over the Emerald City and instead of writing "Surrender Dorothy"....she writes "Happy Birthday Gabe"......I didn't realize that I spelled Birthday without the "d" until someone pointed it out to me (blushing).....Oh well. It still tasted great and Gabe couldn't read at the time anyway! 

Here's the birthday boy with some finger puppets he got for his special day!

Hope you enjoyed my ideas.


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