Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Homemade Potpourri

Was playing with an orange earlier .....
I was taking "creative"pics for PW's photo contest....  (check out if you want to see details of the contest)

Now I had this orange that I had to use and thought I might show you guys how I make my favorite smelling potpourri.....

Put some water in a small sauce pan

slice up an orange....

I like this shot.....think I might enter it into the contest!  (what do you think??)

Plop in a few whole cloves

and a cinnamon stick or two

and put on the stove.....

When it heats up your house will smell WONDERFUL!

Things I forgot to mention......
Please don't leave your wonderful smelling potpourri unattended... it isn't safe and if the potpourri scorches....doesn't smell so great! 
Oh and I add more water to mine periodically as needed.

Hope you enjoy! And thanks for looking!!


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