Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Valentines Card Follow-up

A few days ago I posted a link to Florabella's free valentines day card templates for Photoshop....

Here's the link to that post if you missed it.

I was playing around with my templates and wanted to share what I've done (keep in mind please that I am still learning to navigate my way through photoshop and am in NO way an expert)

So the first one is of my niece Olivia.....I call her Livi-lou....

Don't let the cute face fool ya....she is a trip!!  Full of personality!

This is my Morgan at Christmas....she is growing so fast!

And here is Gabe (another personality plus person) 

Well, I was so excited to figure out how to merge the picture with the frame that I just had to share!  Thanks for looking and witnessing my learning process!!



  1. oh how cute. I love the templates and the kids are pretty cute too. : )
    Enjoy your Wednesday ~

  2. You are so creative...I call my Olivia Livi lou too!! You take great pics my friend...