Friday, April 1, 2011

I am surrounded by BASEBALL

Baseball is turning into my life!!!
My husband has been away at Spring Training for 5 weeks!!! In sunny Florida....sending me pictures of himself by the pool....I deleted that one!!!
and on the beach....

and at the Stadium.....

Buck Showalter & Earl Weaver
And while he is away (working....HAHA) I am home with 4 kids,.......and 2 cats.......working full time and going to school!  (pity party....ok....too busy for pity....time to stop and get back to work!!)  But that in a nutshell is why there have been little updates to this blog lately.

Now to top it all Gabe wants to PLAY like a good mommy, I signed him up and have to take him to practice....

Honestly, I think Tball is the best entertainment ever!!!

The little kids trying to learn to play this game are so cute and funny!
Here is Gabe throwing the ball...

He actually has a really good arm!!!

And trying to see with the sun shining directly in his face....

And hitting the ball! 

These kids really are fun to watch and it will be even better when we get to watch a game with 2 teams of little ones running around trying their hardest to learn this game.

I will try to document some of the funnier moments with my camera....if I can stop laughing enough to take a clear picture!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. It is hard ( on us ) when the dads are working away from home.. in that time we become very busy single parents. Hang in there.
    I bet the Tball is great and entertaining. I am looking forward to seeing more cute photos.
    Have a great weekend.