Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pink and Black Birthday Cake

I made a cake last week for a young ladies 13th Birthday!

I usually make my MMF to cover cakes but life has been so hectic, I purchased this fondant...

The kids bugged me to eat the fondant and said it was yummy!

I made the bottom layer with 8 inch pans and the top layer with 6 inch pans.  Sliced and iced (hehehe) the cake (and added dowel supports to keep the layers together)

and then added the crumb coat with buttercream icing.

The best part of this fondant was that it was already tinted.....so much less messy!

So I covered both top and bottom layers with pink fondant and then cut Zebra stripes for the bottom layer...
The top layer I added a fondant "13" and some black buttercream dots. 

(the girls mom sent me a picture of a cake very similar to this one and I used that as my inspiration....not my own design.....I do like to give credit where its due but I don't know where she found the picture)

Thanks for looking...

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